Weapons - Collect Them All!

Players can add additional weapon NFTs by swapping $ZOMBIEVERSE, this will be an essential mechanism as we incentivize players to collect additional weapons to enchance the value of their asset of the Weapon Loadout NFT. Every map will have its own uniqueness and will lend itself to the need for different strategies and the use of different weapons and equipment. MetaZombieverse will also provide a rotating daily leaderboard challenge, with many challenges being weapon specific - encouraging players to obtain each weapon.
Exclusive limited edition special weapons will also be available to purchase in Gold $ZOMBIEVERSE As demand for MetaZombieverse increases, we will introduce new Weapon Loadouts accordingly. When to add additional Weapon Loadouts to the ecosystem will be voted on by $ZOMBIEVERSE Token holders and released at steady intervals.

Map chapters as Metaverse

MetaZombieverse has many chaptter maps developed, Opportunities exist for licensing out storefronts to crypto-centric companies to generate ad revenue and inject additional reward liquidity into our ecosystem. MetaZombieverse anticipates demand for these storefronts as NFT collections, central exchanges, and other crypto companies continue to expand into the metaverse and look for ways to generate interest in their products.

Weapon Skins

Weapon Skins and Character Skins are a priority for MetaZombieverse as the 2D FPS players around the world show-off their NFT collection as status symbols. Skins will be purchased using Gold $ZOMBIEVERSE, a cosmetic mechanism that will have no impact on the abilities of the weapon. Weapon skins are a high margin level for MetaZombieverse to consistently pull and will provide an influx of liquidity from outside the game ecosystem.
Last modified 6mo ago