MetaZombieverse is calling on all Survivors to answer the Call to Arms and kill zombies to earn in-game rewards! MetaZombieverse will be one the world's first 2D kill-to-earn first person zombie shooter. MetaZombieverse players can use Weapon Loadout NFTs to kill zombies and earn every single day. Players can participate in daily leaderboards and challenges to earn $ZOMBIEVERSE, which can be swapped for select cryptocurrencies or used to obtain rare and limited edition in-game items and weapons. Players will also earn Standard $ZOMBIEVERSE which allow Survivors to level up their weaponry and build equity in the assets that they own as we rapidly enter a digital renaissance. With a full storyline and character arcs built in, MetaZombieverse will be prioritizing play AND earn, with secondary tokenomics and a value proposition that are crafted for sustainability and peace of mind for players and investors alike. Power to the gamers.
Weaponizing Gamers with Asset Retention
Consider the traditional gaming model, where players continue to pay premiums for in-game items but have no ability to sell them. Industry experts estimate that players spent $74B on in-game items across all gaming platforms in 2020, many playing FPS games like MetaZombieverse, but not building any equity in these items that they purchase. MetaZombieverse plans to flip the current model on its head by incentivizing players to build equity in their weapons by improving their assets with $ZOMBIEVERSE, while also earning Gold $ZOMBIEVERSE - a stable in-game currency that will not lose value.

Multi-Faceted Passive Income Opportunities
MetaZombieverse will be implementing micro-guilding will be extremely popular in our metaverse as scholars from all around the world engage with in our in-game content. Many P2E games are suffering from hyperinflation of secondary in-game currencies and the current stigma of click-to-earn does not offer a fun experience for scholars. MetaZombieverse solves both of these issues regarding sustainability and interest by developing the base of the economy for the benefit of the player.
Stable In-Game Reward Currency
MetaZombieverse will be offering a stable in-game reward currency that will never fluctuate in value. Guilds and their scholars no longer need to worry about the value of their secondary currency decreasing in value and have full control over their rewards.
Additional Utility for $ZOMBIEVERSE Token
$ZOMBIEVERSE token is the governance token; it will be traded on CEX and DEX platforms. Investors, degen gamers and degen traders a revolutionary staking model that allows players to stake $ZOMBIEVERSE and immediately receive a Weapon Loadout. Holders of $ZOMBIEVERSE also receive many benefits such as voting rights and access to exclusive in-game items.
Play to Earn and Collect Them All
MetaZombieverse, our in-game reward currency, is split into two tiers - both earned by completing matches, placing on daily leaderboards, and completing achievements. Standard MetaZombieverse can be used to upgrade the attributes of Weapon Loadouts, trade for new weapons to add to a Weapon Loadout, or to obtain Loot Boxes holding in-game items. Gold $ZOMBIEVERSE can be cashed out and swapped for exclusive in-game items weapon or character skins, and exclusive weapons. The metadata of the NFT will update with each upgrade, allowing our players the ability to collect all weapons and continue to enhance the value of their assets, and truly play and earn!
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